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New R.S.J Public School had a very humble beginning in the year 2016. The school now has well splendid campus at the Recreational Study Junction, Jamshedpur Lalapur, Handia, Prayagraj. Since its inception, the school has emboldened the ideal of it’s being a secular place of learning and has always remained open for all the sections of society. The school’s motto “Forward Ever” is the basic ideal under which the school is governed keeping an eye on the ethics along with the present and future requirements of all those associated with the school, so that the march of moving forward continues to make scuccess stories.

The school is founded on the basis of co-educational system of education following C.B.S.E. pattern of education and school provides it’s students an environment which facilitates them to reach beyond their social and economic status. The credit for the sucess, which the school has achieved in a small period of time, goes to the staff, student and parents of the school who have contributed immensely in deriving new techniques of imparting education. It is this auspicious nexus which has also contributed incredibly to the growth of students in all fields.

The school has always been ready for introduction of newer and better schemes for comprehensive and balanced development of it’s students. The school takes no grant in aid from the government and depends entirely upon the money obtained as fee from it’s pupil.